Bob Rehak brings a unique combination of talents to the Humble ISD board.

  • He is a retired business leader with the skills and time to do the job.
  • He is a community activist and volunteer, who spent decades working to improve the Humble/Kingwood area.
  • He has been an educator on both the academic and professional levels.
  • He brings a fresh perspective to the job.
  • He is a good listener.


Bob Rehak is not convinced that using taxpayer dollars to fund for-profit, charter schools is a good idea. He believes that the money taxpayers already spend can offer more choice and produce excellent results within non-profit, public schools…if properly focused.

Based on his teaching experience, Rehak believes the main things that contribute to student success are:

  • Parental interest, involvement and encouragement
  • An environment that encourages engagement and excellence at every level
  • Ensuring teachers have the tools, opportunity and motivation to inspire every student
  • Instilling a lifelong love of learning, exploration and community service
  • Encouraging students to be the best they can be, no matter what career path they choose
  • Participating in sports and extracurricular activities that help students grow physically, socially and in other ways that keep them channeled in a positive direction


In pursuing these objectives, Rehak will work to:

  • Make the board more open and transparent
  • Listen to and consider the input of all administrators, teachers, parents, students and taxpayers to find optimal solutions.

He will work to make sure your tax dollars are focused as efficiently and as effectively as he can against those objectives.