Running Again

The outcome on May 6 was not what we hoped it would be, owever, I intend to remain engaged and will be running again. I want to thank everyone who contacted me in the days following the election. Your generous words of support encouraged me. It made me realize that thousands of people need someone to help articulate their concerns.

High Turnout

Even though incumbents defeated all challengers, we had a record turnout. The number of votes received by each of the challengers exceeded the winners’ totals in the previous election.

Issues Still There

People listened and got involved. Parents demand to know how we can improve reading scores in the District. People question we don’t have more financial transparency and fully comply with the recommendations of State Comptroller for Contracts and Procurement. Parents still want better communication between the board and community.

Staying Involved

People have asked me to stay involved and help them voice their concerns. So today I am announcing my intention to run for the next available board seat. That will be Heath Rushing’s if the newly elected Board decides to have a special election. If not, the next election will be in a couple years.

Fighting for Better Results

In the meantime, I will watching the current board closely to see if it improves the District’s performance in reading, transparency, communication and the overall ratings. Check in periodically for news. And once again, thank you for all your support. We must remain vigilant, remain engaged and remain positive, fighting for students and their parents.