Instead of donating to my campaign, please donate to Humble Area Assistance Ministries (HAAM) or Family Time. They need the money more than I do.

In Humble, an alarming 33% of residents live below the poverty line, higher than both the county and the state averages, and considerably higher than the nation. HAAM serves these people through donations of school supplies, career counseling, job fairs, food fairs, and more. Much more. Family Time provides a shelter for victims of domestic abuse and their children.

According to CBS, Americans spent $6.8 billion on political campaigns last year – and that was just on the federal level. If all of that $6.8 billion had gone toward food assistance, we could go a long way in wiping out hunger and domestic abuse in America. Think about that and the impact your charitable donation could have on the students in Humble ISD’s 11 Title One schools.

Don’t Donate To My Campaign

By the way, HAAM and Family Time are non-political organizations and are not endorsing me or any other candidate. I am suggesting donating your money to them solely because they support so many students and families in need.