Ideas for Improvement


The Word doc in the link above contains a raw list of ideas submitted to date for improving the Humble ISD. They came in via interviews, emails, phone calls, and this web site. I summarized those that came in via phone or interview. Also, where necessary I cleaned them up; I am mindful that students may visit this site.

As a whole, the ideas were exceptionally diverse. However, by tagging them, I could analyze the frequency of the types of comments in a database. Most of the comments clustered into four main areas: Concerns about the Board, Teachers’ Concerns, Educational Disparity, and Cost/Money/Taxes.

For those who want to check the raw data, this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet shows how the ideas were tagged and categorized. It also shows the type of person submitting the comment (parent, teacher, administrator, taxpayer). No comments were received from students.


The summary below shows the ideas that comprised the largest categories. I will provide at least one more update before the election; new comments come in every day.

Concerns about the School Board

  • Openness 15
  • Transparency 7
  • Trust 3
  • Board 14
  • Not Listening 16
  • Focus 4
  • Responsiveness 3
  • Rudeness 1
  • Communication 1
  • Ignoring people 2
  • Minority representation 1
  • Term Limits 2
  • Handling of new superintendent 6

Total                                   75

Teachers’ Concerns

  • Freedom 9
  • Pay (amount) 2
  • Fairness in pay 1
  • Violence against, fear, conduct 4
  • Calendar 1
  • Fear 1
  • Time to focus on mission 6
  • Training 1
  • Teaching to the test 12
  • Bad classroom environments 6
  • Pushing kids to do too much 2

Total                                   45

Educational Disparity

  • Title One 5
  • Reading problems 3
  • Hunger 1
  • Poverty 1
  • Educational Divide 7
  • Renovation 2
  • Repair 2
  • Replacement 1
  • Construction 2
  • Bad environment 6

Total                                   30


  • Choice 6
  • Vouchers 5
  • Costs/Money 7
  • Financial oversight 3
  • Taxes 4
  • Proper balance (aca,soc,phys) 2
  • Bonds 2

Total                                   29

Note 1: The totals above exceed the number of comments because a respondent could discuss multiple ideas within a comment.

Note 2: There were dozens of random comments that did not fit into major clusters, such as those above.

Note 3: This data is directional only. The sample size is too small to make it statistically projectable. Also respondents self-selected; they were not chosen randomly from a base of all voters in the Humble ISD.


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